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Kia ora, 

Ko Māuitikitiki ahau. Ko au te tipua. I am Māuitikitiki. I am a Demi-God. I am known for many different reasons. I slowed the sun, fished up the North Island and I sourced fire from Mahuika. Through my stories you can understand events that happen. 

When you read or hear my pakiwaitara about slowing the sun, what I am sharing with you is how the sun moves and it explains why we have long days and shorter days. When I fished up the North Island with my Grandma’s jaw bone, it was about the kōrero I had with her and the directions she gave me to get to the ‘land of the long white cloud’ that Kupe had discovered.

Through my creativity and innovative skills, I am able to look at things in many different ways and come up with a plan to make things okay. Sometimes people see me as being a ‘trickster’ or ‘cheeky fella’, really, it is about me never giving up and knowing that I can find a way to solve any problem. It is good to look for ways to do things differently and to try to make things better.

Ko Māuitikitiki, I’m okay! 


                    I am what?               I’m okay.