Merivale School

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Kia ora, 

Ko Rūaumoko ahau. Ko au te atua o ngā ru whenua me ngā puia. I am Rūaumoko, Atua of Earthquakes and Volcanoes. I am the unborn child of Ranginui and Papatūānuku. My mum and dad were separated by my brothers before I was born. Sometimes I get uncomfortable in my mothers puku and move around. When I move and become unsettled, you may hear or even feel it as the earth rumbles and shakes. This is called an earthquake. I can even cause volcanoes to erupt. This is my way of keeping my mother warm with the hot lava that erupts from volcanoes. Don't be too worried because most of the time I am comfortable and the whenua is calm.  It is when I am uncomfortable that things become too much for me. 

I am sure you know this feeling when you are uncomfortable, unsure about something or feel things are not going right. You may feel confused, hot and bothered or even frustrated. These are signs that you are not okay and that you may need a go-to person to help out.

Ko Rūaumoko, I’m not okay! 


                   I am what?             I’m not okay.